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"Judas" is synonymous with "traitor." yet a newly came across old textual content of the Gospel of Judas bargains an image of Judas Iscariot noticeably varied from the Church's conventional knowing of him, and continues that faraway from being the notorious betrayer, Judas was once truly Jesus's depended on good friend and the recipient of mystery revelation. Simon Gathercole's new ebook encompasses a translation of the traditional Egyptian textual content of the Gospel of Judas and a operating observation, and gives new translations of all of the historical facts approximately Judas Iscariot and the Gospel attributed to him. It will get in the back of the hype which the Gospel of Judas has attracted, and appears at why the gang which produced the paintings have been in such sour clash with the mainstream Christian church, and exhibits how the record presents us with a window into the turbulent global of Christianity and Gnosticism within the century after Jesus.

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26: 50), the action can probably be seen as a betrayal as well. Is Judas the Stereotype of the Evil Jew? Christian history is full of a great deal of behaviour which is decidedly unchristian, and the anti-Jewish character of some of the Church’s theology and behaviour is a particularly regrettable part of that. Historians have also observed that the portrait of Judas has in some measure fuelled this (and, presumably, vice versa), largely on the basis of the connection (via ‘Judaea’) between his name and the word ‘Jew’.

So God—on one level— presides over the whole process, such that it can be said that ‘the Son of Man is to be handed over’ by God. But the divine plan comes to its fulfilment in the earthly sphere through various human forces and causes. In the end, the Romans carry out the execution. Previously, the chief priests and the elders had ‘handed over’ Jesus to Pontius Pilate (Mark 15: 1). Before that, however, Jesus is ‘handed over’ to the priests by Judas Iscariot. The very same action is said to have been both a scheme of Judas and the Jewish leaders and part of the divine plan.

The implication of Judas’s statement is that it may well have been right and proper to ‘hand over’ a guilty person, but that Judas’s action was sinful because Jesus had committed no crime. The Greek word paradid¯omi (‘hand over’) is in itself neutral, but it is faulty logic to conclude from this that Judas’s act is therefore neutral. The word (at least in the Gospel narratives here) refers to the two elements of informing on, and of physically delivering the accused—the assumption being that the informer knows the accused to have committed a crime.

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