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By Professor Dr. Focke Albers, Dr. Ulrich Meve (auth.), Professor Dr. Focke Albers, Dr. Ulrich Meve (eds.)

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"The quantity at the Asclepiadaceae is now the 5th quantity … of the six projected volumes of the Illustrated instruction manual of Succulent vegetation. Of the 5 volumes … those are via a long way the easiest sequence of pictures to were released … . For the collector … there's lots during this publication with which to be interested. … it is a very appealing quantity and should be of substantial use to many creditors … ." (Peter V. Bruyns, Plant Systematics and Evolution, Vol. 239 (3-4), 2003)

"The six volumes of Illustrated instruction manual of succulent vegetation … deal with ‘over 9000 taxa of all succulents other than Cactaceae’ … . This sequence is a reference handbook for taxonomists and horticultural cognoscenti. It compiles up to date info now not available from different assets … . This sequence is important to spot succulents… . In precis, this can be an outstanding sequence, an important contribution to the literature, and an excellent production." (Rudolf Schmid, Taxon, Vol. fifty three, 2003)

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Kituloense, here treated as synonym, allegedly differs f ffrom the glabrous B. coddii primarily in the hairiness of corolla and interstaminal corona. B. , 1995). T: Namibia (Bruyns 5518 [BOL]). − D: C Namibia. 25 mm. Minute plants close to B. dinteri. They fform a group of related species, together with B. brevip i edicellatum, B. ) and B. simplex. x B. comptum N. E. Brown (FC 4(1): 854, 1908). T: RSA, Eastern Cape (Zey Z her 9 [K]). − D: RSA (Eastern Cape). I: FPA 47: t. 1844, 1982; Dyer (1983).

Mueller (1858); incl. Microstemma tuberosum R. Brown (1810); incl. Brachy h stelma kerrii Craib (1911); incl. Bra r chy h stelma papuanum Schlechter (1914); incl. Bra r chyste h lma microstemma Schlechter (1914) (nom. , Art. 1); incl. Brachyste h lma merrillii Schlechter (1915). 2 mm; Fr slender-fusiform, 6 - 12 cm × 2 - 3 mm; Se ± 8 × 2 mm. Forster (1990) compares B.

32), 1994). T: Zimbabwe, Matobo Distr. (Derb r yshire MRSH 3070 [SRGH]). − D: Zimbabwe. 6 mm, incumbent on the Anth. Only insufficiently separated from B. tabularium ffrom RSA by the short corolla tube and the shorter corolla lobes; both are probably conspecific. B. lancasteri and B. tavalla appear to be relatively closely related. B. gerrardii Harvey (Thes. Cap. 2: 61, t. 196, 1863). T: RSA, KwaZulu-Natal (Gerrard r 1318 [TCD]). ), Swaziland. I: FPA 43: t. 1686, 1976; Onderstall (1996). h stelma nigrum R.

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