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Immanuel Wallerstein, who is also skeptical about the various definitions of civilization, makes a distinction between “historical system” and “civilization”. Civilization, in his view, refers “to a contemporary claim about the past in terms of its use in the present to justify to heritage, separateness, rights” (Wallerstein 1992: 235). Despite the differences of opinion among scholars, there is at least unanimity over civilizations being broader than a single culture and larger than a group of cultures.

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An ability to enter into the mental framework of the Other becomes an essential ingredient in peaceful coexistence. G. Collingwood, in his book The New Leviathan (1942), put forward a relevant thought. 23 But it contains a thought about the process of civilization – the process of generating civility – that is relevant to a coexistence of civilizations (in the plural). Collingwood refers to the distinction made by Plato between two kinds of discussions: eristical and dialectical. In an eristic discussion each party tries to prove he was right and the other wrong.

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