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The articles he uses should be coloured blue or some similar dark hue. If he wishes to use one of the colour kasiõas as his concentration object, he should choose the blue one. To sum up, all the different things the meditator of lustful temperament has to do with should be displeasing, ugly, unat- 63 tractive, and rough, since such qualities are suitable and favourable to his practice. If he does not realize the importance of this whole matter, difficulties will arise unnecessarily in one way or another with regard to his nature carita, and will be an obstacle of progress in his meditation.

His dwelling should be perfectly neat and clean, spick and span, free from anything irritating. His clothing should be of fine quality, of pleasing colour, not smelly and of smooth, superior material. If a bhikkhu he should go for-alms to a village that is very clean and tidy and where the people are cultured and well-mannered. The environment he lives in should be in no way depressing but suitably clean, orderly, and tidy. He should spend more time sitting and lying down than standing and walking.

Or if it is possible to solve in some way the problem of a trivial job, for instance by assigning it to some suitable person, then that should be done before beginning the practice. (6) Travel (addhàna palibodha): Worry resulting from making journeys constitutes an impediment for two kinds of person. It is an impediment first of all, for anyone who practises while travelling. In this case 55 the meditator must not allow himself to be worried about anything related to his journey, such as where he is going to stay the following day, and the like.

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