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Computers and Writing: State of the Art

Patrik O'Brian Holt Heriot-Watt collage After speech, writing is the most typical kind of human communique and represents the cornerstone of our skill to maintain and checklist info. Writing, through its very definition, calls for artifacts within the kind of instruments to write down with and a medium to jot down on.

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For the Internet, it should be the same thing. I think that civilized Internet is allowing everyone to navigate easily. It is a challenge that calls for new forms of public regulation. Not everything can be left to the search engines that are now the only players in the web, which structure and organize it [57]. 4 Digital Identity in Social Networks Social networking sites are gaining more and more importance on people daily life. They offer people ways to communicate and socialize with each other via the internet through a PC or mobile phone.

Modern organizations become distributed and maintain multiple identity repositories. This reality promotes spreading identity attributes across information systems and landscaping identity silos. Thus, different pieces attributes of our identity are contained in different environments such as files, enterprise directories, databases, and online social networks. We illustrate identity silos shaping and origins with the following use cases: (1) managing finance and preserving privacy. Rather than using a single credit card for shopping, most of the people prefer to use multiple credit cards to better manage finances and assure anonymity.

Hoog writes “always more memory, but still less marks” to explain that the right to forget he is needed as a requirement for democracy. Today, there is a tremendous privatization of our personal data in the Internet. Companies are drawing profiles on personal information of each of us. Despite the efforts of the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) in France, the situation is not satisfactory. Every citizen is in danger of his past that can reappear at any moment. At the same time, we become producers of memory and we have accepted a regression of our privacy.

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