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EGuide D. iFolder E. NetStorage F. Web Search Server Answer: C, D, E QUESTION 114: Your organization has three regional Windows NT Domains for each geographical location. A Windows NT 4 server hosts each domain. 1 server providing services for your organization's headquarters. 5. Can this be done? A. Yes, the network meets the prerequisite requirements. B. 5 can't consolidate Windows NT Domains. C. 5. D. 5. E. 5. 5 server? A. TON B. ION C. ITAR D. TARON E. TARGET F. com - The Power of Knowing 050-688 You are working at the server console of FS1.

A. Yes, the systems meet all prerequisite requirements B. 5 C. No, the server consolidation utility is not compatible with Windows XP Home D. 9 E. 5 on a server in a multi-server tree, which DSREPAIR operations should you run? (Choose three) A. com - The Power of Knowing 050-688 B. Time Synchronization C. Unattended Full Repair D. Post NetWare 5 Schema Update E. Report Synchronization Status F. 5 Web and Application Services product? (Choose three) A. PHP B. Rsync C. iSCSI D. Tomcat E. eGuide F.

83 on the workstations. E. Configure each user object with a Simple Password. F. Upgrade the workstations to Windows 2000 Professional. G. Upgrade the workstations to Windows XP Home or Professional. 2 server is currently servicing one of your branch offices. All of the user's data is saved on the USERS volume. You are deploying a Branch Office solution. 2 server and then simply mount the existing USERS volume as an Appliance volume. Will this work? A. 2 volumes are compatible with the Appliance software.

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