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Patrik O'Brian Holt Heriot-Watt collage After speech, writing is the commonest kind of human conversation and represents the cornerstone of our skill to maintain and checklist details. Writing, by means of its very definition, calls for artifacts within the type of instruments to write down with and a medium to jot down on.

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Answers are always either Yes, No, or the policy Does Not Say. We tested for statistically significant differences in mean accuracy rates by company (Table 7) and by format (Table 8). Table 7. f. 99 p Significant? 001 Table 8. f. 08 p Significant? M. McDonald et al. Table 9. f. 75 p Significant? 122 Table 10. f. 59 p Significant? 2 Time We recorded time in milliseconds though we reported it in minutes to assist readability. With such a fine grain unit of measure time is nearly continuous and we used ANOVA for analysis.

Participants trusted Privacy Finder formats slightly more than other formats. ) We found significant effects for both company and format. ) We found significant effects for both company and format. 3 Enjoyment We asked two questions to gauge how much participants liked reading the privacy policy. If people are unwilling to read policies then improving them does not provide much benefit. We found no significant differences between formats. d. ) We found no significant differences between companies or formats.

This “a la cart” view of FIPP compliance results in inconsistent regulation across the mobile advertising industry. Regulating Privacy in Wireless Advertising Messaging 25 The Wireless Advertising Association’s (WAA) guidelines for privacy [42] require compliance with all of the FIPP with the exception of enforcement/redress. Advertisers are urged to provide notice of their privacy practices and policy changes to mobile consumers through the use of a privacy policy. In addition, users should be given the ability to decide the types and amount of information that is collected and how that information is used.

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