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By Andre Norton, Sherwood Smith

The recent novel within the well known "Solar Queen" sequence. Hesprid IV cannot be that undesirable. in particular whilst it holds this sort of large deposit of profitable cielanite ore. Or so thinks Dane Thorson and the remainder of the workforce of the "Solar Queen", and its new sister send, the lately recovered derelict "North Star". The plan turns out simple--make landfall, mine ore, go away. Too undesirable issues are by no means as effortless as they seem.

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Rip nodded. He cast a glance at Thorson, saw mostly the top of the cargo master's yellow head. His gaze was on the decking, a sure sign of a somber mood. Then he realized that the others were looking at him in silence, waiting for orders. Tau spoke first. "We're cabled down and sealed up. " "Humanoid infrared and carbon dixoide traces, mass at high end of human scale," Ali replied as Tau leaned over to look at the display. " Dane looked up in surprise. "Pirates? " Ali gave an elaborate shrug.

Not just the Tath, but the others; Rip realized one of the Tath was translating to the others when he heard Trade patois mixed with another language. He also realized as he watched the interplay that Lossin, the locutor, was not the leader. Like Tooe, he seemed to have been chosen for his ability with Terran. It was to a tall female whose fur was sprinkled with silver streaking that the others kept turning. She was the quietest of the four Tath, listening to everyone. Finally she spoke, rapidly and softly, in a low, mellow voice that reminded Rip of some kind of wind instrument.

One more reason to stay in the Queen during a storm," said Mura. " He nodded toward the screen. " Ali added. "And even inside the Queen we may see some effects. " "All of which puts a time limit on our being here-a much tighter one than the Charter time," Jasper said. " "Don't want to test that theory," Dane muttered. " It was Tooe. She stood rather limply in the hatchway, her crest half-raised at a hopeful angle. Dane sprang up and guided his apprentice to one of the padded seats. " he asked.

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