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content material: part 1. the fundamentals --
part 2. lively education --
part three. Sport-specific education --
part four. pageant --
part five. Appendix.

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3) Holding the kick board with one arm, swim lengths on one side. Have the child alternate sides after every 5 meters. 4) On the pool deck, teach proper arm and breathing actions, along with correct head position. Repeat all of these in the shallow end of the pool where the child can stand up. 5) Holding the kick board, have the child stroke alternate arms through the water, using the correct breathing motion. 6) Repeat the above step without a kick board, holding the arm not performing the stroke extended in front of the body.

The head should remain in that position unless a breath is taken. Speaking of taking a breath, one of the hardest parts of the freestyle stroke is coordinating the breathing action. The head should rotate along with the shoulders when taking a breath. These days most kids learn right from the start to “bilateral” breath, meaning that they breathe on alternate sides, which is very useful and important because it promotes a more balanced stroke. 2004 9:44 Uhr Seite 52 A H E A L T H Y G U I D E T O S P O R T – I R O N K I D S ••• 5 2 Kids Ironman new Ki c k i n g It’s important to kick from the hips, as opposed to bending the knees too much.

As the kids become more competitive and interested in the sport, they will want to get a more specialized suit. “Speedo-style” suits are pretty much the norm in this regard. Made either of nylon or of a lycra/nylon blend, the suits should be snug fitting to reduce drag in the water. Nylon suits aren’t as comfortable, but stand up to the rigors of chlorinated pools much better than suits with more lycra in them. 2004 9:43 Uhr Seite 47 Bathing Caps For children with longer hair, a bathing cap will likely be required—most pool facilities require caps to be worn by anyone with shoulder-length or longer hair.

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