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By Bill Sherk

500 Years of latest Words takes you on a thrilling trip during the English language from the times earlier than Shakespeare to the 1st decade of the twenty first century. all of the major entries are prepared no longer alphabetically via in chronological order in line with the earliest identified 12 months that every notice used to be published or written down.

Beginning with "America" in 1507 and spanning the centuries to "Marsiphobiphiliac" in 2004 (a one who would really like to visit Mars yet is terrified of being marooned there), this publication might be opened at any web page and the reader will find a impressive array of linguistic delights. In different phrases, this e-book is unputdownable (the major access for 1947). If Shakespeare have been alive at the present time, he could purchase this ebook.

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And where did the word puck come from? ” Its modern link to ice hockey dates back only to 1891. 1528 CONGRESS Thousands of new words flooded into the English language during the 1500s, and they came chiefly from two sources: via ancient Greek and Latin from the Mediterranean, and from Native words learned in the New World. ” When it first appeared in print in England in 1528, it simply meant a meeting or interview. By 1589 it had acquired the additional meaning of sexual intercourse. In 1774 it began its long political career in the New World with the formation of the Continental Congress in the British North American colonies.

After holding his nose and cleaning up the mess, he discovered he had a rubber that stayed flexible when cold, yet dry and firm when warm. He called the new product “vulcanized rubber,” after Vulcan, the Roman god of fire, because the heat of the fire brought the rubber and sulphur together to make what Goodyear was looking for. You can see Goodyear’s name on television today whenever the Goodyear blimp floats across your screen, but poor Charlie had his problems. His serendipitous (see page 170) discovery paved the way for our modern rubber industry, but Goodyear himself spent the rest of his life fighting to defend his patent rights and died heavily in debt.

Parrots have been popular as pets for many centuries, partly because of their gaudy colour, partly because of their longevity (some parrots have lived eighty years or more), but especially because of their ability to imitate human speech. If you are teaching a parrot how to talk, you need patience. Start off with one or two words, then work these into subsequent lessons with lots of repetition. It is useless to reward Polly with a cracker after each new word he or she learns because parrots, unlike mammals, do not learn by association.

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