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This is the benefactors section and should be activated by placing pictures of objects or places or people who will help you on your path to success. The Earth Element represents the center of the house, and the Southwest sections. The Center encompasses all of the elements. Southwest represents the color gold, the marriage corner, family happiness and the Kua number Two of the PaKua. Two belongs to the West group. The Earth Element also represents the Northeast section and the color for this section is gold.

Use all of these colors in your decorating. Green is the worst color you can have in your home if you are a metal person. WATER – Blue or Black If you are a water person, take care not to have too much yellow, gold or white in your home. Blue and black are your overall harmony colors, but you can use greens, blues and some red. As a water person, with too many gold or yellow colors, all sorts of unlucky things can happen. Yellow or gold are your worst colors. Green is a good color, and lucky if you are either water or wood element.

Use plants and water in your home, but be careful as to the placement of these elements. They belong in the North, South or East section of your home. FIRE - Red Fire element people can use lots of reds, greens and blues, but not too much white, gold or yellow. White is a detrimental color for fire, wood or water elements. It causes misunderstandings between family members and friends. It can also cause loss of income. Use lots of the color green, including green plants, and you will see an increase in your financial status.

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